Our Favorite Disney/Marvel Joke!

Ghost Radio


So funny.  And so wrong it’s gotta be right.

Don’t get it?  Well, you’re probably not a fan of Spiderman lore.

So, for those who aren’t, we’ll walk you through it:

Back in Amazing Spiderman #15 (August, 1964) a character named “Mary Jane Watson” was introduced, but her face wasn’t shown.  Mary Jane was the niece of a woman who lived next door to Peter (Spiderman) Parker and his Aunt May.  Aunt May kept trying to get Peter to meet Mary Jane, but he’d always avoid it.  And Mary Jane would continue to appear in the comic but always in silhouette or her head obscured by some object.  An example of this can be seen in here first appearance, here:


Finally in issue #42 (November, 1966) Peter and Mary Jane finally met.  Writer Stan Lee saved that meeting for the final panels of the issue, and this is how it…

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